Name: Noémie Engel

Biography and connection to the station:

As a recent graduate from the University of Bath with a great interest in evolutionary biology, I am interested in animal behaviour primarily focused on shorebirds. My passion for ornithology was triggered during a placement in Cape Verde where I had the chance to work with a resident population of Kentish plovers (Charadrius alexandrinus) on the island of Maio. After this, being intrigued about birds and keen to learn more, I joined the “Schlammwiss” team and discovered a passion for bird ringing. That way, I have broadened my knowledge beyond shorebirds and am now familiar with the local bird species found here in Luxembourg.

After having gained a good deal of fieldwork experience as well as experience as a research assistant, I decided to start a PhD in the UK, where I will mainly investigate the evolution and heritability of sex roles as well as the social structures of a wild bird population. Nonetheless, I am always excited to return back home and help out the team at “Schlammwiss” whenever I can.