First Temminck's Stint for 'Schlammwiss'


Click on the RTL-logo to hear the interview about the Temminck's stint (Calidris temminckii) from Jim S. (in luxembourgish).






It's the first bird for the birdringing station 'Schlammwiss' and probably the first who got ringed for Luxembourg.


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Eechternoacher Quaichleken at the nature reserve 'Schlammwiss'

The scouts group "Echternoacher Quaichleken" visited the birdringingstation 'Schlammwiss' the 24. March.


They visited the nature reserve, had closer view how birds get their metal ring and what we can do with this data. 


After the long morning they enjoyed a barbecue near our chalet.


You can read their report (LUX) below.


If you're interested for visit too - contact us


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New event

Journée en pleine nature <<Vallée de la syre>>




Les CFL, la ferme pédagogique A SCHMATTEN et la Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur vous invitent en date du 29 juin et 08 juillet 2016 à un programme varié autour du thème de la nature dans la vallée de la Syre!

Faites votre choix, nous nous occupons des activités sur place et de vos déplacements.

(Offre limitée à 80 enfants par journée)

CFL brochure
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Zones humides

For the international wetlands day-ramsar we invited RTL TV at our birdringingstation to show the reserve and to indicate the importance of wetlands


(Video left in Luxembourgish) 




Thanks to the team!

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