All in all with have a team of 30 people comming on a more or less regulary basis and acting as volunteers. Thanks to everyone.


Most of the works are done by a team between 5 and 7 people. Those organise the ringing activities, the events, the guided tours and they educate the new trainees.


We manage to have more than 200 birdringingactivities every year. To handle all this we are very thankful to our team who spend lots of hours very year for maintenance and repair works.


Some of them introduce themselves on this page (colored link).

Main Team

We welcome the new volunteers this year!

Thanks a lot to our trainees/visitors from outside for help out at the birdringingstation this year!

Name Country

Birdringers & Trainees at the birdringing station

Birdringers at the station:

  • Jim Schmitz,
  • Philipp Birget,
  • Joseph Dunlop,
  • Fernand Kinnen,
  • Dave Lutgen,
  • Cédric Brodin,
  • Charel Klein,
  • Raoul Mettenhoven

Trainees at the station:

  • Max S.

The whole Team

  • Alain M.,
  • Alyssa L.,
  • Annicka M.,
  • Anne D.,
  • Barry M.,
  • Cédric B.,
  • Céline M.,
  • Charel K.,
  • Claude K.,
  • Dave L.,
  • David L.,
  • Dorothée J.,
  • Elena M.,
  • Elisabeth I.,
  • Eric K.,
  • Ewald R.,
  • Fernand K.,
  • Géraldine R.,
  • Guy Z.,
  • Hélène D.,
  • Jeanne-Marie K.,
  • Jim S.,
  • Joseph D.,
  • Linda d. A.,
  • Maria L.,
  • Marielle P.,
  • Martin S.,
  • Martine R.,
  • Michael B.,
  • Michel K.,
  • Michèle R.,
  • Mike M.,
  • Michèle R.,
  • Mike M.,
  • Natasha L.,
  • Niall F.,
  • Nicole T.,
  • Nuria Q.,
  • Olatz S. R.,
  • Philip B.,
  • Raoul M.,
  • Rick R.,
  • Sandra F.,
  • Sören G.,
  • Thierry L.,
  • Tiago d. S.,
  • Xavier S.,
  • Yves D..