Guided Tour for 'Birdsongs' at the nature reserve 'Schlammwiss'

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Visit on the 14. May

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Students of the university Trier are visiting 'Schlammwiss'

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Eechternoacher Quaichleken at the nature reserve 'Schlammwiss'

The scouts group "Echternoacher Quaichleken" visited the birdringingstation 'Schlammwiss' the 24. March.


They visited the nature reserve, had closer view how birds get their metal ring and what we can do with this data. 


After the long morning they enjoyed a barbecue near our chalet.


You can read their report (LUX) below.


If you're interested for visit too - contact us


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Fit by nature

On Saturday we had the first 'fit by nature' activity for this year! 14 motivated volunteers helped out to clean our orchard and to start a fire. Furthermore we installed boxes for the little owl (Athene noctua). For lunch we profit from the fireplace and started a delicious barbecue.


Thanks for your help!

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