Ringingweekend 7-9.06

We had a nice ringing weekend on the 7. & 8. &9 june 2014. We started at 6 each morning by 12°c and finish at 11 by 30°C! Hot summer days. Every day we opened different net sites to get birds from different areas of our reserve and to avoid as much as possible stress and disturbance of our breeding birds. In total we ringed 247 birds (169 new captures, 59 recaputres and 19 kontroll captures). We could see the increase in numbers of juvenile birds around . After each ringing session we profited of this beautiful weather and with the help of our trainees we cleaned some net sites from the exploding summer vegetation . For more information about the birds ringed this weekend this please check:

Autor: Charel Klein

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    Joseph Dunlop (Mittwoch, 11 Juni 2014 10:06)

    The breeding season is in full bloom ! Bring on more nice weather and more birds to ring and watch. Well done to the team!