Saturday the 23 August

Saturday the 23 August started with a chilly dawn and the immediate spectacle was more than 20,000 Starlings flying out of the roost. What a sight ! The usual Hobby ( Falco Subbuteo) was doing it's usual early rounds to try to catch one of the swallows. First control of nets proved as expected very good. There was again good migration of Reed Warbler ( Acr Scirpaceus) with more than 150 ringed and the most interesting was a particularly small Reed Warbler that had the wing formula and other measurements similar to the rare Blyth's Reed Warbler, an acrocephalus that breeds in extreme North east Europe and is rare in Western Europe. We finally decided ( although still not 100% sure) that it was a small Reed Warbler.

Number of migrating Blackcaps ( Syl Atricapilla) are also slowly increasing, we ringed more than 30. Other interesting species that we caught were 1 Great Reed Warbler ( Acr Aur), 1 Savi's Warbler ( Loc Lusc) and 2 Bluethroats ( Lusc Svec). Still some Trans Saharan migrants around, 1 Nightingale ( Lusc Megar) , 5 Garden Warblers ( Syl Bor) , 5 Grasshopper warblers ( Loc Nae) and 4 Whitethroats ( Syl Comm). Another interesting morning in Schlamwiss! And again this will not be possible if we did not had a great team for this day.

Autor: Joseph Dunlop

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