Weekend 24.& 25. january

We started today with a cormorant in the net!


Unfortunately he found the way out before one of our birdringers could catch him...


Anyway we had a good day! Just less birds than yesterday..

We recaptured a Grey wagtail (Motacilla cinerea) (adult male) from 2013 !!

and a Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita) from november 2014. The bird stayed over the winter.

Furthermore one White waigtail (Motacilla alba) (with a ring from us! ), two stonechats - male & female - (Saxicola rubicola) two red kites, about 30 siskins and some water rails have been see.


In Mensdorf (2 km away in a natura2000 area) we checked about a second sleeping place of waterpipits (Anthus spinoletta). We counted 30 birds and managed to photograph one with a ring!

The waterpipits come every year to our natural reserve and stay over the winter. This year we try to give them a gps- transmitter to find out from where they are (where they breed?). Further information will follow...

Yesterday, we counted about 89 waterpipits coming to their usual sleeping place


For more information about the weekend check the ringinglist

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