Trip to 'Federsee'


Three members of our Schlammwiss Team (Dave, Charel and Max) visited the Federsee lake in southwestern Germany the 26th and 27th of May. The lake itself is surrounded by a spectacular reed belt and vast moorland, the water surface itself, which is only about 2 meters deep, is only accessible by a 1,5 km long wooden boardwalk. Since the area is an important hibernating, resting and breeding site for many bird species among others 200 breeding pairs of Whinchats and 18 breeding pairs of Marsh harriers (according Nabu 2014), it has been declared a Special Protection Area.


We’ve seen lots of interesting species, some well known as Reed Warblers, Savi’s Warblers, Great Reed Warblers and Reed Buntings, rather uncommon species such as Whinchats, Common Terns, Ruffs and marsh harriers. Furthermore we were quite lucky to observe rare migrants such as six female red-footed falcons and one Arctic Tern!


All in all it was a perfect Weekend despite of rain and I strongly recommend visiting the spot!



Autor: Max Steimetz

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