News about interesting recaptures

We received two interesting news about recaptured birds toady that were ringed in Luxembourg in 2015 and 2017. The information is provided by Jules D., our secretary of the Luxembourgian birdringing working group.


A Marsh Warbler (Acrocephalus palustris) that was caught the 4. July 2017 at another birdringingstation in Schifflange, Luxembourg was recaptured 27 days later in Davod, South of Hungary on the border to Crotia and Serbia. The distance between both places is about 1049 km.


The second information is about a Barn Swallow (Hirunda rustica) that we ringed in 2015 at our station. The bird was found 124 days later in Tshitazu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Unfortunately, the bird was caught and killed. The distance is 6651km, a new record for the station and Luxembourg!


Species Ringed Date Recaptured Date Distance Info
Hirunda rustica Schlammwiss 19.09.2015 Tshitazu, Dem. Rep. Congo 20.01.2016 6651 km caught & killed
Acrocephalus palustris Schifflange 04.07.2017 Davod, Hungary 30.07.2017 1049 km  

Thank you Jules D. for the information!

Autor: Charel Klein